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Wouldn't it be nice if you knew more about a company than what you see in their job listing? If you could read company reviews that have been written by someone other than the corporation management would this help you make the right decision? We have found that so many of the different company reviews online are written by upper management who all want their companies to seem exemplary even when they are not. All of the company reviews at Jobiness are written by employees anonymously to help ensure their accuracy and are intended to help you learn as much as you can about each company.

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Where better to hear about a new employer than from those who work there. We offer a number of job reviews and employee reviews that let you see exactly what others that have come before you think about the company they work for. Each of these job reviews is intended to tell you what you can expect from the position you are considering. There is more to a job than the position itself, our employee reviews let you see what others think about the company as a whole. Our job reviews are kept anonymous to ensure no one is afraid to tell the truth.
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