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No one in their right mind would waste their time applying for a job if they did not have an idea of what the pay scale is for the job. At Jobiness we post the job salary for each position we have listed. Not only does posting the salary scale help you make the right decisions when it comes to applying for a particular position, it saves time. Imagine how much of your time and that of the companies you are applying to is going to be wasted if you apply for a job, go for an interview and then find out that the job salary is too low for you to accept the job.

Our Pay Calculator Lets You See Your Take Home Pay

Know what the job salary or the average salary scale is for a particular job is very important. But even more important for most people is knowing how much of their job salary is going to be left after taxes have been taken out. Our pay calculator lets you enter the gross pay for each job listed and then automatically see how much of your job salary will be in your pay check. Our pay calculator is an approximation of your net pay based on current income tax rates.
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