“5 Best and Worst Places In The World To Work“
Author : Tan Qiulei - 01.12.2012

5 Places In The World To Work

These companies sure belong to the greener, much greener, side; they go the extra mile in making the workplace a fun, interactive environment to inspire staff creativity and productivity. Bosses, take note.

1. ANZ Centre (Melbourne, Australia)

This banking headquarters is anything but boring or staid with its award-winning office design. A modern interpretation of an urban campus, the building is made up of “hubs” — each with its own look and feel, each serving different work purposes.

2. Google (Zurich, Switzerland)

Google offices around the world are renowned for their insanely cool work environment, but this one takes design to a whole new level of ridiculousness. Apart from slides and fireman’s poles that take you from one floor to another, this office features a giant hammock, a meeting room filled with hot air balloons, and a dark aquarium room in which employees can relax in chairs or bathtubs.

3. DTAC (Bangkok, Thailand)

When a company has an entire level named Funfloor, you know it’s a good place to work in. Comprising a mix of fun and games — running track, indoor soccer, karaoke, concert theatre — the Funfloor is the perfect place for relaxation and team-bonding. This telecommunications firm also dedicated a massive area to a circular library-amphitheatre.

4. Airbnb (San Francisco, USA)

The prouder you are of your company, the higher your work productivity and morale — this travel-rentals service is a fine example of that. Their meeting rooms are fashioned after some of their own listings, like a mushroom cabin in California, and an art-filled apartment in New York.

5. Bahnhof (Stockholm, Sweden)

James Bond himself would need a license to work here. Located 30m underground, what used to be an anti-atomic shelter was transformed into the White Mountain Office — a stunning workplace, whose design was inspired by Bond flicks, that looks more like a sci-fi movie set rather than a data centre.
Too cool.

5 Worst Places In The World To Work

Of course, on the other end of the spectrum lies some work conditions so terrible, they make us desperate to cling on to our existing uninspiring work environments.

1. Disgruntled Employees = Disgruntled Customers

We’ve all heard horror stories of what goes on behind those permanent grins and heavy makeup, but this particular airline in the US seems to piss off as many passengers as it does employees. The latter have cited issues like “extremely dysfunctional pay scale system” and the lack of job security as reasons of their dissatisfaction.

2. Animal Abuse

There’s a whole list of cosmetics companies, including a few notable giants, that adopt unethical animal-testing practices. Some of them have a long track record of using rabbits as test subjects, dropping substances into their eyes and force-feeding them poisonous chemicals.

3. Incompetent Upper Management

There are few things more rage-inducing than working for incompetent upper management — a sentiment that the employees of a car-rental service in the US are all too familiar with. According to some employees of the company, the upper management not only pushes the staff to do the impossible, but also seems to promote a toxic environment in which the smartest backstabber wins.

4. Outright Corruption

It’s no surprise oil companies would be on this list, but one particular US-owned corporation has been consistently making the headlines for the wrong reasons. From its anti-gay employment practices to outright corruption, this company has destroyed lives while pocketing profits by the billions.

5. Extreme Lack Of Employee Rights

You might want to stay away from fast food after hearing this: employees of certain fast-food restaurants have confirmed that it’s not uncommon to cook, prepare and serve food while sick. As if that’s not bad enough, a study showed that 90 percent of the employees are not offered paid sick leave, and that there is less chance for a promotion for women and immigrants.

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